Invictus - Revelation Online Guild


Who is Invictus?

We are a new guild made up of active and ethusistic players in CST/PST timezone. Invictus is friendly NA-Darkfall guild focused on team play and enjoying the worlds of revelation online. In our guild we prioritize fun and excitement above everything else, however, we have core players that want to clear every content the game has to offer, nevermind the difficulty. Most of the guild have experience in previous mmo's and have a strong grasp on the ins and outs of revelation online and can help guide new players in getting to understand the game and help in leveling and collecting gear so they can progress to harder content.

Our Creed

We believe in the community of our guild members. We enjoy assisting each other, teaching new players and help growing the active base of the guild. We want to make sure that everyone in the guild enjoys their time in RO.



What we're looking for

We're looking for guild members that enjoy the social aspects of an mmo as well as the team based gameplay. If you're a solo player then this might not be the guild for you. We do not require a minimum level or an amount of time played per day/week. We're here to have fun and not do this as a job :) The only requirement is discord for team communication, so we can organize raids, clan wars and socialize.